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Come to annual conference and get equipped for making change. Skills-based workshops and inspiring talks will leave you refreshed, empowered and raring for action. Including talks, worship, AGM and social time, all fully catered with proper beds. No set charge and travel bursaries available – so you could even come for free! Click on the image to book.


17th-19th April. See you there!



Rowan Williams keynote address at FoR centenary conference: listen here

 OUR LATEST CAMPAIGN: Cancel Trident replacement

We always welcome new members: join us.
We have branches throughout the world. Not in England?  Click the “members” tab here.

Millius Palayiwa has retired. We wish him well.

Answers to Questions on Postcard – How many did you get?

For dates relating to the centenary of WWI, take a look here.

DSEi drones FoRFoR promotes active nonviolence and love as the means to transform unjust political, economic and social structures.
We are a faith-based organisation campaigning against war and its preparation. In our 100 years, we’ve racked up 6 Nobel Peace Prize winners!

The International Peacemakers Fund

The International Peacemakers Fund provides small pots of money to carefully selected nonviolent grassroots peacemaking groups around the world. Most of the money for grants comes from the general public so please consider making a  donation.