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Front cover Peace Sunday 2015 Want to do more for peace but don’t have the time?

Celebrate PEACE SUNDAY on 20th September with our FREE RESOURCE

In the booklet you’ll find reflections on the Lectionary to use in sermons, prayers, activities for youth groups and campaign suggestions. You could even use the reflections as ready-made sermons, for those who’d like to do more in their church for peace but don’t have the time to look things up and write things down.  They can also be used as reflections in small groups.

It’s not just for clergy; this year there’s a section specially for Quaker meetings.

Enough spoilers – see for yourself.  For a paper copy, email outreach@for.org.uk


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In July there were two events at Church House Conference Centre, both sponsored by Lockheed Martin among other arms dealers.  FoR members are campaigning against these events through acts of worship outside the centre, including a communion service. More info here. Want to take action now? Sign the petition to Justin Welby Coming soon: Peace Sunday resource for 20th September 2015 OUR LATEST CAMPAIGN: Cancel Trident replacement You can use this survey by CND to find out how your new MP or other candidates who stood will vote on Trident renewal in 2016. We always welcome new members: join us. We have branches throughout the world. Not in England?  Click the “members” tab here.

Answers to Questions on Postcard – How many did you get?

For dates relating to the centenary of WWI, take a look here.

The International Peacemakers Fund

The International Peacemakers Fund provides small pots of money to carefully selected nonviolent grassroots peacemaking groups around the world. Most of the money for grants comes from the general public so please consider making a  donation.   DSEi drones FoR FoR promotes active nonviolence and love as the means to transform unjust political, economic and social structures. We are an ecumenical Christian organisation campaigning against war and its preparation. In our 100 years, we’ve racked up 6 Nobel Peace Prize winners!