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The Things that Make for Peace
10-12 March
Luther King House, Manchester

Our annual conference this year is joint with the Methodist Peace Fellowship and Anglican Pacifist Fellowship. We’ll be exploring ways to connect with other peacemakers on local, national and international levels, through a combination of talks and creative workshops.

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Out now: “Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of Control”

The latest briefing from the Drone Campaign Network. Available to download or buy.
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Our International Peacemakers’ Fund

We provides small pots of money to carefully selected nonviolent grassroots peacemaking groups around the world. Most of the money for grants comes from members and supporters, so please consider supporting this work. Find out more and make a donation.


DSEi drones FoR FoR promotes active nonviolence and love as the means to transform unjust political, economic and social structures. We are an ecumenical Christian organisation campaigning against war and its preparation. In our 101 years, we’ve racked up 6 Nobel Peace Prize winners!