PEACE SUNDAY is on 18th September.
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Coming up: events in Oxford marking 100 years since conscientious objection to military conscription. 15th May, 19th May, 26th May, and an exhibition from 14-28th May.

COs at Dartmoor Prison, 1916 (from postcard; artist unknown)

COs at Dartmoor Prison, 1916 (from postcard; artist unknown)


OUR LATEST CAMPAIGN: Cancel Trident replacementWe were proud to march alongside tens of thousands at the #StopTrident demo in London on 27th February.

You can use this survey by CND to find out how your new MP or other candidates who stood will vote on Trident renewal in 2016.

The results of the Global Day of Action on Military Spending are in.
Here’s how people voted:

GDAMS 2016 results

With the military being allocated just 5% of its current budget, those who responded to the survey (1024 people, from churches to street stalls) overall felt that the military gets 20 times more money than it should, and that the rest should be spent on sustainable security like health and addressing climate change. More info here.

FoR opposes military action in Syria; what you can do

As the past decade and a half of merciless war has shown, there is no military solution to the crisis in Syria and the rest of the region. Bombing perpetuates the cycle of violence. The hundreds of billions of pounds that the West has been using on brutalising the people of the region and on creating more bitterness and hatred should instead be directed towards peacebuilding and creating the preconditions for peace talks and a political solution to this awful crisis.

FoR advocates peaceful strategies for resolving the conflict in Syria and the rest of the region. Since its inception, the Fellowship of Reconciliation has affirmed that, as Christians, we are forbidden to wage war and that we are called instead to be peacemakers committed to the enthronement of Love in personal, national and international life.

Martin Luther King, Jr. rightly said:
“Wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows. One day we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal. We must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means.”

We urge all our members to actively participate in the opposition to UK military intervention in Syria. Please tell all your friends to lobby their MP online, and visit your MP at their constituency office to let them know of your views on the matter.


White PoppyOrder your white poppy to wear all year round.  

White poppies are to remember all the victims of war, and promote a culture of peace.

They are a conversation-starter when you’re out and about, or an easy way to slip comments about nonviolence to family and friends if you’re not up for a full debate.

The centenary of WWI is a good time to start wearing a white poppy. While we’re being fed ideas of how the war started, who “won” etc, let’s remember all the victims and learn the devastation caused by war and its preparation.

Suggested donation £1.50 (inc. p&p), 60p per additional poppy. Why not order yours now?

The Peace Education Network has resources for a Remembrance primary school assembly. There is a script and a Teach Peace Remembrance slideshow.

Church house cropped land banner
In July 2015 there were two events at Church House Conference Centre, both sponsored by Lockheed Martin among other arms dealers.  FoR members are campaigning against these events through acts of worship outside the centre, including a communion service. More info here. Want to take action now? Sign the petition to Justin Welby

We always welcome new members: join us. We have branches throughout the world.
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Answers to Questions on Postcard – How many did you get?

For dates relating to the centenary of WWI, take a look here.

The International Peacemakers Fund

The International Peacemakers Fund provides small pots of money to carefully selected nonviolent grassroots peacemaking groups around the world. Most of the money for grants comes from the general public so please consider making a  donation.


DSEi drones FoR FoR promotes active nonviolence and love as the means to transform unjust political, economic and social structures. We are an ecumenical Christian organisation campaigning against war and its preparation. In our 100 years, we’ve racked up 6 Nobel Peace Prize winners!