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Have you noticed the increased influence of the military in society? Collection tins for military charities in supermarkets go unchallenged, arms dealers sponsor science events and a career in the armed forces is portrayed in most places as A Good Thing. Oh, and Britain is the last country in the EU to still recruit children into its military.

What can you do?

We’re asking people to commit to active, nonviolent peacemaking. We’ll support you along the way.
We challenge you to:

    1. Write to your MP calling for absolutely no replacement of Trident
    2. Consider whether your financial interactions line up with your morals. Do you inadvertently support fossil fuel extraction or the arms trade?
    3. Challenge scape-goating and use of fear to shift blame and attention
    4. Speak to your minister/elder about holding a service or collection for peace.  We can supply resources.
    5. When you see militarism, challenge it – Dear Mayor, why are the armed forces at my village fête?…

I accept the challenge

We want to keep you posted on ways to make peace

If you’d like a keyring to remind you of your pledge, just donate £1 and email emma@for.org.uk with your address.



We are part of the Drone Campaign Network, a group of organisations working in the UK to highlight the danger and growing use of armed drones. There’s most about this area of our work and how you can take part on our Drones page, including how to get involved with our craftivism project, the #DronesQuilt.

NCPO No faith in Trident banner


Back in July, 472 MPs voted to replace Trident, and 117 voted against. This included all by one Scottish MP, Green MP Caroline Lucas, 47 Labour MPs and some from Sinn Fein and other parties. A full list is at the bottom of this Guardian article.

Download our letter template to send to your MP (use this website to find out who they are)

Want to write your own letter but need some pointers?  See here for some ideas you might include

What can I do to take action against Trident?

      1. Got 30 seconds? Sign the petition from CND – it’s growing fast so we’re all putting our weight behind this one.
      2. Got 1 minute?  Pray with us – see below
      3. Got 5 minutes? Write to your MP, demanding a straight answer on how they would vote. There is talk of cutting down on the number of submarines; be clear: you want to know if they back any replacement at all
      4. Got an hour? Write an article for your church newsletter or local paper, perhaps with a draft of what to send to their MP
      5. Got longer? Get in touch about volunteering with us.


Did you know, the UK govt spends 25x more researching weapons than renewable energy? We have some handy flyers to give out at events about cuts, emphasising that there’s plenty of money to go around, on the resource page.

        • Spend it on the NHS
        • Or more specifically, spend it on nurses

FoR’s prayer for action on Trident:

Loving God,

Thank you for this beautiful planet beneath us
For the ozone above us
And for the potential between us.

Give us courage when the water is deep;
Perseverance when the task is massive;
Patience when the walls are high;
And trust as the way becomes clear.

Help us not to see enemies, but people.
Not obstacles, but opportunities for engagement.
Not problems, but cause for creativity.

We hold in the light people affected by nuclear weapons:
Those bearing scars and those living with apprehension.
We uphold those who fear a world without them
And seek open-minded, transparent political discourse.

We pray
We hope
We act….

…for an end to nuclear weapons, beginning here.


In addition to our rolling campaigns and projects, we run the International Peacemakers Fund. Everything we do relies on donations. Support our campaigning, project and education work.

Discussing nonviolence at Greenbelt festival

Discussing the merits of nonviolence at Greenbelt festival