FoR conference 2016

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Date(s) - 18th March - 20th March
3:41 pm


Annual Conference, 18-20th March 2016, Wydale Hall, Scarborough

The timetable is now available, take a peek.

We’re delighted to announce the following speakers:

Hannah Brock WRI conference 2016Hannah Brock
Hannah works for international pacifist network War Resisters’ International, especially with conscientious objectors to military service and movements against conscription and the militarisation of youth. She is a Quaker antimilitarist who dabbles in Anglicanism.


Symon HillSymon Hill
Symon is an author, journalist and tutor. His latest book is The Upside-down Bible: what Jesus really said about money, sex and violence. He also writes regularly for the Guardian and the Huffington Post. He is an associate of Christian political thinktank Ekklesia.


Emma Sangster
Emma is coordinator of Forces Watch. Forces Watch is a UK-based organisation challenging the militarisation of society and the ethics of military recruitment, including its influence on education.


Chris Howson 2Chris Howson
Chris is a liberation theologian and Chaplain to the University of Sunderland. He is also the author of A Just Church: 21st century liberation theology in action.


Tim Jones mugshot

Tim Jones
Tim is a senior policy and campaigns officer at the Jubilee Debt Campaign.  JDC is part of a global movement to break the chains of debt.



Maya Evans conference 2016

Maya Evans
Maya is the coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence. VCNV are a UK peace group working in solidarity with Afghan peace makers who are nonviolently opposing war.


Tim Wallis

Tim Wallis
Tim is a Quaker and peace activist. He’s just written The Truth About Trident, a book to help people “have more productive Trident conversations”.


John Lynes CPT conference 2016

John Lynes
John is part of the UK branch of Christian Peacemaker Teams. CPT places teams at the invitation of local peacemaking communities that are confronting situations of lethal conflict.


The weekend will consist of speaker sessions, workshops, our AGM and free time to get to know each other, build a stronger movement and explore the grounds.  The AGM will be at 2pm on Saturday 19th March.  FoR members are welcome to attend this meeting without coming for the whole conference.

The venue is accessible. While there isn’t a PA system, there is a hearing loop.

If you’re coming from the South, it looks like it might be cheaper to split your ticket at York for the way back.*

Booking form

  • There is no set charge for this event, we just ask you to make such a donation as you feel able. This covers the costs of the event and helps us to continue to offer subsidised or free places to those who need them. These are what it will cost FoR per person for the weekend: Hall (ensuite double/twin/family): £120. Emmaus (more basic dorms): £80. Limited Saturday-only places: £20
  • The cost to FoR if children are coming for the weekend depends on age. For 2-11 year olds it costs us £32 in the Emmaus centre and £48 in the Hall. For 12-17 year olds it costs us £48 in the Emmaus and £72 in the Hall.


SAVE THE DATE: Conference 2017 is 10-12th March 2017 at Scargill House, Yorkshire

*FoR isn’t responsible for any confusion or extra costs incurred by booking the wrong ticket. Sorry!