International Peacemakers’ Fund

IPF project in Bangladesh

IPF project in Bangladesh

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called “children of God” (Matthew 5:9)

If peacemaking were given a real chance, it could transform our global society, relieve suffering and make our communities safer.

For over 10 years, FoR has run the International Peacemakers’ Fund (IPF) in support of worldwide projects and non-profit organizations that promote nonviolence, making vital contributions to peace. The IPF provides financial support to grassroots initiatives that are working towards peace and reconciliation in war torn communities around the globe.

The projects are carefully selected, to ensure all use nonviolent methods to address causes of conflict, promote dialogue and build reconciliation.

How does it help? Grants vary in size.  What groups find particularly helpful is that they can apply for small amounts, such as travel costs for a facilitator or hiring space. Some grant-givers won’t contribute below a certain minimum, so IPF is crucial to the most grassroots of movements, as well as larger groups.

Donating to the fund

Ready to make a difference?  If you believe that peace is possible through the work of committed peacemakers, please make a donation – all are gratefully received, no matter how big or small.  Click here to find out more about the projects we have supported in the past.

Please specify that your donation is for IPF, as it all goes into the same account.

The fund relies upon the generosity of members of the public, with some support coming from Trusts and places of worship.

All contributions to our International Peacemakers Fund go directly to carefully selected grassroots community projects. Admin costs are covered by FoR general funds.

Sending a cheque? Please make it out to “Fellowship of Reconciliation” and include a note saying it is for IPF. Please use IPF as your reference on bank transfers.

If you have any questions, please contact the office.

Thank you.


Peace Sunday in 2018 takes place on 23 September and we are again inviting people to hold a collection for IPF. Have a service, Bible study or prayer meeting with the help of our free resource, and support grassroots peacemakers. The resource can be downloaded (including ordering paper copies) at