Lent and Easter resources from Kairos

Please send a message of hope, solidarity and support to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza during lent this year.

We hear from the organisations that we pass them on to that these messages provide light in darkness, and hope for those that feel forgotten by the world.

Please help us to show Palestinians that they are in our hearts and prayers and actions.

You can send a message using their online message tool or use the link below or Group message to Palestinians Kairos 2017.

Nuclear Ban Treaty

Historic negotiations have been taking place at the UN, to negotiate an international treaty to ban nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately, the UK boycotted them, along with other nuclear-armed states.

Find out more in this briefing and take action.

Pancakes for peace image
Pancakes for Peace

Are you planning on having pancakes on Shrove Tuesday (28th Feb)? If so, why not invite some neighbours around and use our prayer and action resource – it includes a recipe for vegan pancakes and campaign ideas and can be downloaded for free.

If you’d like any membership or donation forms for guests, just email or pay donations in at

PeaceLinks Winter 2017 coverPeaceLinks: Winter 2017
Our newsletter for members. Available to download or order from the office. Also included in the mailing was our FoR Chair’s appeal letter 2017, your annual reminder to consider setting up or increasing a donation if you can. We also asked people to consider standing for the board of trustees or nominating, and to request a postal ballot if they’re unable to make the AGM on Saturday 11th March at 2pm in Manchester (during conference). FoR Annual council chair’s appeal reply slip + DDebit Instruction 2017.
Missed the annual mailing? Perhaps you’ve moved since we sent it last. Please let us know.

Christmas Cards


Blank inside. FoR logo on reverse.
With thanks to Keziah Cooper for the design.

£4 for 5, including p&p (£7 for 10)
£3 for 5 if you can collect from the office.

Donate online or see other ways to donate.

Christmas cards order form



Peace Sunday 2016 resource

Peace Sunday 2016 front cover 2

Our Peace Sunday resource helps you to get peace issues into your church.  There’s more about it at

The resource from 2016 can be downloaded for free here.

For a printed booklet, call the office on 01865 250781 or email


Cover PeaceLinks 2016PeaceLinks – Summer 2016.  PeaceLinks is our newsletter for members and supporters, which comes out about 3 times a year.  You can sign up to receive our email newsletter in the orange box in the header of the site.  To join FoR, go to


Oxford Quakers have brought out a resource about local Conscientious Objectors.  It includes stories from Oxford Friends about their CO family and friends during World Wars I and II. Learn how lives were affected by the taking of this unpopular but courageous stance.

Call the Meeting House on 01865 557373 for paper copies.

Nonviolence works front pageNonviolence Works!
A selection of inspiring examples of nonviolent action from 1932 to 2009. Helpful reading on the importance of nonviolent (normative) as opposed to violent (exceptional) responses. Published by FoR, Pax Christi and the Baptist Peace Fellowship (2010). Paper copy available from the office (free).
Scan of the pamphlet. We are working on an interactive version.


Please email for more information and to place an order/request a hard copy of any of the resources below:


text NHS play

Cancel Trident flyers
There are two designs: spend on nurses and stop cuts to NHS. These are double-sided so if you need help printing, let us know an we can provide you with copies. These are handy for giving out at NHS cuts-related events (miserably abundant!) and direct people to the CND petition calling the government to scrap Trident. Incidentally, have you signed it?


Coins into Ploughshares
A response to the release of the Lord Kitchener £2 coin. Useful for churches and activist groups.

SWNM coverStudy War No More A report on military involvement in 26 UK universities, published by FoR and Campaign Against Arms Trade in 2007.  Request a hard copy (£3) or download it here.






Dare to Disarm!
A pamphlet on trust – that peace-professing nations cannot be so whilst continuing to prepare for war. Published by FoR in 1931; just as relevant today. (Scan of the original).

Opposing World War One: Courage and Conscience
An information briefing about conscientious objection and peace activism in the First World War. Published by FoR, Pax Christi, Peace Pledge Union, Quaker Peace and Social Witness and Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (2013). Hard copies £1.

Convenient Killing cover Convenient Killing: Armed Drones and the Playstation Mentality
Report produced by FoR, this is a thorough analysis and critique of drone warfare. Contact the office for a hard copy. Published by FoR (2010).




Rcihard Deats book Active Nonviolence Across the World In this booklet, Richard Deats (former Director of FoR USA) has compiled a summary of 30 stories of nonviolent success. Available from the FoR office (£1.75). Published by FoR (2010).





Security for the Common Good The focus of this short briefing is on the component of military expenditure. The authors aim to set out a clear picture of what resources are currently being spent on military security and call on Church leaders and individual Christians to promote a genuinely Christian approach to common global security. Download here. Written and published by FoR and Pax Christi (2009).

Action sheet Church House vigil on 9th July. Word document (save in order to view) or PDF (click to view).

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